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Bulk Tip Trucks

We have 6 bulk tip trucks that we use to cart a variety of products around the Central North Island.
These include:

  • Vermicast (product produced by Mynoke worm farms)
  • Fertilizer
  • Quarry products
  • Stock rock
  • Pumice

If you have anything you need to be moved, give Daniel a call to see if it is something we can help you with!

Call Daniel

Water Trailer icon

Drinking Water Trailers

Double H2Go Ltd has designed and built drinking water trailers to be used at events around the central North Island!

Drinking Water Trailers

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Bulk Water Tanker Trucks

Whether you’re needing to fill your water tank at home or top up your dairy farm shed supply, we can help you.

Bulk Water

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Bulk Tipper Trucks

H2Go has six bulk tipper trucks for various goods carting. Including, pumice, haybales and Fertilizer

Bulk Tip Trucks